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3 Night Tayrona Honeymoon From $1,800

Ecohabs Tayrona - Tayrona National Park, Colombia

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Package Includes:

  • Transfer by vehicle, to and from Santa Marta airport
  • Welcome cocktail
  • Accommodation for 3 nights and 4 days in Ecohab
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Exotic flowers of the region
  • A bottle of champagne in the room
  • Romantic dinner with wine at the edge of the beach
  • Ecohab style breakfast
  • Cabo San Juan Beach walk accompanied by a local guide

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  • Currencies
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    $1 US Dollar = $1780 Colombian Pesos

  • Food
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    The hotel's daily menu uses healthy ingredients and fruits from the region and varies according to the preferences of the guests. In this region seafood is as fresh as it gets. Buffet breakfast with local fruits juices and arepas. A typical lunch can include fish soup with coconut milk and different fresh fish prepared in various styles accompanied by the local staple Arroz con Coco (coconut rice) and Patacon (Platain). Dinner will be lighter and always offer a local dessert dish using papaya or mango for example. You can request vegetarian options ahead of your arrival. Along the Caribbean coast, fish and plantains are very popular as is Ceviche. Coconut rice is a common side dish along the coastal cities. Suero, which is a cross between yogurt and sour cream, is widely consumed, and was introduced by Arab immigrants in Barranquilla and other coastal cities. The arepa has many forms in the Caribbean region, which include arepa limpia, arepa de huevo (arepa with egg), and arepa de queso (arepa with cheese).Colombia is home to numerous tropical fruits and rarely found elsewhere. There are several varieties of bananas including a very small, sweet version. Others include zapote, nispero, lulo, uchuva which is used to accompany Aguardiente, the local licor, passion fruit, borojó, curuba, mamoncillo, guanábana, guava, mango, apple, pear, blackberry, strawberry and many others.

  • Language
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    Spanish is the local language but english is spoken by many locals, specially in areas where travelers are common. The Tayrona National Park is a magnet for foreigners looking for adventure s you are bound to meet people from all over the world as you trek or hang out in the local beaches.

  • Nearest Major City
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    Santa Marta is Colombia's oldest colonial city, founded in 1525 by Rodrigo de Bastidas, a Spanish conquistador. Today, it is the capital of the Magdalena Department and an increasingly popular tourist destination. With its rich history, ecological diversity and opportunities for adventure tourism, Santa Marta offers varied options for the leisure traveller.

  • Nightlife
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    In Santa Marta's historical center at and around the tastefully restored Parque de los Novios a music and dance scene with a vivid nightlife has been developing, here a selection of the places to go: PRAGA, electronic music, Calle 19 with Carrera 3 LA PUERTA, modern and mixed music, Calle 17 with Carrera 3 COMODORO, two dance floors, one with electronic, the other with mixed music, Calle 19 with Carrera 3 DISTRITO, mixed music, Calle 19 with Carerra 3 MARIA MUCANA, mixed music, Calle 17 with Carrera 3

  • See + Do
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    There are many activities in the Tayrona Park and nearby including Santa Marta. You can trek around the park meeting other trekkers from around the world. A tour to the Lost City, Taganga, Discover Tayronaca and Buritaca and interact with the localsand learn about their culture and habits. Of course nature and fauna abound and you will find yourself in a birdwatchers heaven with many species common only to this area.

  • visa and legal info
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    No visa required for US Citizens.

  • Weather
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    A trip to Santa Marta in Colombia needs to factor in both climate and the domestic travel seasons at the planning stage. Check out our six-day Santa Marta weather forecast below for the latest temperatures in Santa Marta. Colombia is close to the equator and falls in the tropical climate zone. As such, temperatures in Santa Marta are more or less the same all year round. Day temperatures on average reach a maximum of about 35° C, while night temperatures go down to around 25° C. It's the amount of rainfall during a particular period that gives Colombia its two "seasons". The rainy season, stretching from April to December is termed locally as winter, while summer, with low rainfall, is from mid-December to the end of March. June and part of July are when rainfall is at its heaviest. Santa Marta is a favourite vacation spot for Colombians and the city sees an influx of domestic tourists between the end of December and mid-January, during the Easter holy week in March or April (locally known as Semana Santa) and again from mid-June to mid-July. When to Go Ideally, the best time to plan a trip to Santa Marta is outside of these high seasons, which is when Santa Marta hotels and beaches are overcrowded and tariffs are high. Alternatively, you can also consider a visit during the summer months or the period in July-August, when the rainfall is relatively low.

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